Wednesday, 23 May 2012

First post!

I was inspired by my friend, Gundam Beginner(Check him out :D), to start a gundam and gunpla blog! :D being the first post, this is just a general news post :)

Last night I was suddenly motivated to make an Action Base xD! So now my HG Avalanche Exia and HG Blue Frame Astray are in combat!!

Avalanche has no detailing at all yet, no paint or panel lines, I haven't even put in the transparent pieces on his head yet.

Blue Astray however, is the first gundam kit I have ever painted! I'm not too good at it yet, please bear with me as I learn :)

I don't have all my kits with me where I am now, so let's look at what else is here.

This is a 1:200 RX-78 that was a gift from a friend :D it came fully painted, so all I did was panel line it and touched up some parts where the paint was scraped. I love how simply panel lining the kit made the colors stand out so much more :D

This HG Dendrobium was a gift from another friend! As you can see, it's neither finished not detailed yet, but I hope to get to it soon :)

And coming soon! RG Freedom! Which will be the first RG kit I've ever made! I have RG Aile Strike, but it's not with me right now and it's still in the box xD!

These are the tools I currently use! I used to make gunpla with ONLY the nail clipper you see there, but Gundam Beginner got me using the clippers and sanding stick :) he also taught me to use grey panel liner for white parts, and black panel liner for all the other colors! Don't let the "beginner" word fool you, he's a guru :D

I have also ordered RG skygrasper and HG 00 seven sword :) skygrasper to go with my Aile strike, and 00 seven sword because I have the XN raiser kit and also 00 raiser+GN sword III, so I hope to make a super 00! Another gundam blogger(much more experienced than I am) who has made this is Suny Buny. He even included two of the giant swords that come with 00 seven sword!! Check him out as well! :)

That's it for now! May God bless you all :)