Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hey all!

Sorry for going MIA for a while, i was having finals xD

This is just an update while i plan something more serious :)

I'll be building RG Skygrasper in support of a build-off between Gundam Beginner and Goodguydan! They'll be building in the theme of RG strikes so skygrasper fits the bill :D all the best to them!

For my own project, i'm looking at either building RG freedom, or painting and panel lining my HG exia avalanche :D RG is looking a bit scary for my skill level, so we'll see haha!

Here's some pictures :D

I built this action base while taking a break from assignments! I bought it from Gundam Beginner, and he even gave me an extended base arm from his MG QAN[T](i think)! :D

 No action base packaging 'cause it came with a kit xD
 The extra long arm :D                                         Compared to the normal arm

The included screws and nuts, painted black to match the base! the clear blue base has unpainted screws and nuts.

 Unextended                                                                   Extended! big difference

 Here it is finished :) can't really see the top 'cause avalanche is there xD

Random pictures while my gunpla were moved to my other table to make way for assignments ><

That's all for now! God bless!

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